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Greenback Courses
Introduction to Business and Marketing is an introductory course designed to give students an overview of the Business Management and Administration, Marketing, and Finance career clusters. The course helps students prepare for the growing complexities of the business world by examining basic principles of  business, marketing, and finance in addition to exploring key aspects of leadership, ethical and social responsibilities, and careers. Students’ academic skills in communications, mathematics, and economics are reinforced with activities modeled in the context of business topics. Upon completion of this course, proficient students will be equipped with the foundational skills to succeed in any of the Business, Marketing, or Finance programs of study and will be prepared to make an informed decision regarding which pathways they would like to pursue in high school. 
Marketing and Management I: Principles focuses on the study of marketing concepts and their practical applications. Students will examine the risks and challenges that marketers face to establish a competitive edge in the sale of products and services. Topics covered include foundational marketing functions such as promotion, distribution, and selling, as well as coverage of economics fundamentals, international marketing, and career development. Upon completion of this course, proficient students will understand the economic principles, the marketing mix, and product development and selling strategies.
Marketing & Management II: Advanced Strategies is a study of marketing concepts and principles used in management. Students will examine the challenges, responsibilities, and risks managers face in today's workplace. Subject matter includes finance, business ownership, risk management, marketing information systems, purchasing, promotion, and human resource skills.
Retail Operations is designed to challenge students with the real world of supply chain management and merchandising services. The standards in this course are designed to prepare students with skills and knowledge related to buying, selling, human resource management, business operations, product management, promotion, and customer service. Decision-making skills, financial management, customer relations, ethics and legal issues are also addressed. Upon completion of this applied knowledge course, proficient students will have skills essential for entering careers as retail associates at entry and mid-level management as well as be prepared to enter post secondary programs in business and marketing. The content lends itself to both work-based learning and school-based enterprises opportunities.