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Business Office Management

Greenback Courses
Computer Applications-This course is designed to develop computer technology skills. Students will use a variety of computer software and hardware tools and features of an electronic information network. Students will explore the, historical, social and ethical issues of using computer technology. The students will develop skills that will assist them with efficient production; accurate production analysis; management of information and design and presentation of a multimedia project. *Prerequisite to all Information Technology courses.

Business Communications- This is a course designed to develop students’ effective oral and electronic business communications skills. This course develops skills in multiple methods of communications, including social media, as well as electronic publishing, design, layout, composition, and video conferencing. Upon completion of this course, proficient students will be able to demonstrate successful styles and methods for professional business communications using the proper tools to deliver effective publications and presentations. 
Business Management- This course focuses on the development of the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling functions required for the production and delivery of goods and services. This applied knowledge course addresses the management role of utilizing the businesses’ resources of employees, equipment, and capital to achieve an organization’s goals. Students will participate in a continuing project throughout the course in which, individually or in teams, they will present recommendations to improve an existing business.
Advanced Computer Applications- This is a capstone course in which students will learn necessary skills in problem solving using current and emerging integrated technology to include a variety of input technologies in the production of professional quality business documents and presentations. The course focuses on student choice, accountability, and performance. Students increase their employability by working toward the attainment of high-level skills in the areas of integrated software applications, communication skills, ethical issues, human relations, leadership, self-management, and workplace management. Students may choose areas of specialization and achieve industry certification in areas such as word processing, spreadsheet applications, multimedia presentations, schedule and contact management, etc.