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Tech Department Job Description

Loudon County School District


Job Description


  1. Associates Degree in related technical field OR A+ Certification OR equivalent training and experience.
  2. Experience working in academic institutions, preferably K-12 education.
  3. Demonstrated knowledge of information system hardware and software troubleshooting skills and problem resolution.
  4. Ability and willingness to learn new systems and technology.
  5. Demonstrated ability in handling confidential matters in an ethical manner.
  6. Knowledge of principles and practices of network design and administration.
  7. Sound organizational skills and ability to recognize and change work priorities in a timely fashion.
  8. Valid TN driver’s license and reliable vehicle is required for travel between district school buildings.
  9. LCBOE will conduct thorough background check and require fingerprinting.

REPORTS TO:  Technology Supervisor and Network Administrator


The technician will be responsible for maintaining network, workstation, and peripheral operating systems, hardware, and software applications.  The computer technician will also be responsible for installing network operating systems, hardware and software applications or assisting contractors in same.  The job demands the ability to bend and lift, crouch, kneel, and walk to perform essential functions.


  1. Set up, install, and maintain district computer systems. Recommend and/or install workstation hardware and software upgrades.
  2. Set up, install, and maintain printers, computer peripherals, and their related software.
  3. In addition to extensive knowledge of PC systems, Windows, and Microsoft Office platforms, must also be able to set up, install, and troubleshoot problems with Apple iPads, iPod Touch, notebook computer, and iMac desktop stations.
  4. Perform repair of computer hardware, printers, and peripherals, including acquisition of parts and maintaining service-related records.
  5. Maintain the network hardware, software, network computer applications and files.
  6. Coordinate the annual cleaning and preventive maintenance of district computer equipment.
  7. Provide support to end users through their requests for services by troubleshooting site hardware, software, and wiring problems.
  8. Provide technical support to school personnel.
  9. Provide basic training on the care and operation of district computer equipment as needed.
  10. Provide support to the network administrator by being able to backup/restore files on the network, shut down and or reboot servers, perform basic administration tasks on user accounts while maintaining integrity and network security.
  11. Provide input as needed for school technology planning and network operations.
  12. Install and troubleshoot interactive whiteboards and projectors.


  1. Maintain current knowledge base and skills for latest and trending technology applications.
  2. Promote a positive image of the District and Department of Technology at all times.
  3. Participate in district technology or administrative meetings as necessary.
  4. Operate in coordination with Technology Supervisor, Network Administrator, and other Computer Technicians
  5. Perform other responsibilities as assigned by Director of Schools, Assistant Director of Schools, or Technology Supervisor.
Technology Department Personnel
Jennifer Malone
Technology/Middle School Supervisor
[email protected]
Jarrod Touton
Network Administrator
[email protected]
Chris Sharp
Computer Technician
[email protected]
Ricky Jordan
Computer Technician
[email protected]
Zack Baird
Computer Technician
[email protected]
Jake Rhyne
Computer Technician
[email protected]